Dimension 4 Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action

As part of this dimension, learners are engaged in

Communicating and Critiquing Conclusions

  • Communications should be critiqued individually and collectively
  • These critiques may be accomplished through a range of print and visual avenues and venues
  • Writing a critical essay, creating a chart or graph, conducting an interview, participating in a panel discussion

Some useful protocols might involve

  • TPSS (Think, Pair, Square Share) within a classroom setting
  • Posting and responding to blogs and threaded discussions electronically


Taking informed action

Actions may involve individual or group activities

  • Writing a letter to the editor of a local publication, or political figure
  • Creating a script, skit, political cartoon, video, newspaper, poster for public display
  • Organizing a campaign to register voters; raise money to pay for a project; create a product