Education is a living, breathing process that must constantly be nurtured and encouraged in

order to provide the platform upon which societies and individuals may be sustained and grow.


The Clydeoscope Educational Consultants, LLC vision maintains that educators who are supported, sustained, and nurtured with

research based educational strategies and approaches will be able to create programs, policies and

practices that, in turn, sustain and support learners at every educational level.



The mission of Clydeoscope Educational Consultants, LLC is to provide experiences that will support

educators at every grade level, as they discover the resources, develop the programs, and

establish the policies which will provide opportunities for learners to grow in skill, insight,

relationships and understanding of the world and the people with whom they share it.

Recruitment of educators for participation in international educational partnership programs

 TESEL, GRE and student exchanges with Project English Key at the Fondazione

Alario in Asea, in the Cilento region of Italy or through project China Hope in China and in American school sites

 partnerships in other locations are currently under development

General conference planning and development

Professional development sessions (of varying length) for educators and administrators on

 Common Core curriculum alignment

 The C3 Social Studies Inquiry Arc as an Inquiry Design Model

 Evaluation techniques, including rubric development, development and

evaluation of formative and summative assessment strategies and devices

 Resource selection, adaptation and evaluation

 Building supportive learning communities

 Instructional Design for Online Learning, course creation; course selection;

course evaluation