Clydeoscope Educational Consultants, LLC seeks to support, sustain, and nurture

educators at every grade level, as they research the resources, develop the programs, and

establish the policies which will provide opportunities for learners to grow in skill, insight,

relationships and understanding of the world and the people with whom they share it.

Academic Director, Rozella G. Clyde has taught in urban and sub-urban environments over the past four decades.  She has masters degrees in Administration and Educational Leadership on both the Building and District level, and has been a classroom teacher, curriculum writer and staff developer.  Her major interests include blended and virtual learning, civic and law related education, geography, history, economics and instruction of English language learners.  She has organized both large and small professional development activities, including specific issue based workshops, full and multi- day conferences and seminars. She has also been the successful lead writer and recipient for a multitude of grants from both government and private organizations. She has designed smaller learning communities and participated in the creation of four public high schools.

Managing Director, James W. Clyde, Jr. brings his background in banking, real estate, and event planning to the team.